Be the Expert in Your Internet Business

Why Do You Need To Be The Expert in the Internet Business?

Be the Expert. We are all an expert at something. Either your an expert at money making online, at home or someone who watches TV 40 hours per week learning everything there is is know about TV shows for the last 40 years. You know every series that was ever produced for TV. In fact you took the whole block  of TV shows for $100 on Jeopardy. 

You can be the expert in anything. Take a look at your job.

In every aspect of our lives we have had to deal with experts. From hiring a plumber to fix our sink to going to the psychiatrist so we can find out, “Why are we are doing this internet thing? Its crazy.” They are the experts. They have spent time and money in order to perfect their skills in being an expert. A psychiatrist has probably spent 10-12 years learning about his field. If you drive a BMW or a Mercedes you would never take it to a street corner mechanic. Today you want to make money on the internet. The so called experts (gurus)  come to you and say, “Hey, look you just click this button and ring that bell and your going to be making between 800-10000 dollars a week. Have you tried that? Have you made money doing this? You need to become the expert. This takes training and hard work.

How Long Is This Going To Take?

Patience My Good Man, Patience

We have come to a point in our societies where we want instant gratification. We have fast food restaurants instant coffee, rice and TV’s that turn on instantly. Don’t forget our microwave ovens and or course the internet. We have gone from from speeds on the internet from 1200 baud rate to 37.1 Mmps. Wow, that’s like driving a car at 300 miles per hour.  So now you are in the instant gratification mode. You want everything done for you yesterday. You see all the gurus making money hand over fist on the internet and say to yourself, “Why not me?” I agree with you 100%. You can be the guru. Don’t believe me? Just a few years I was a surgeon. Now I make real money online as an internet guru. Just kidding. I am just your average person who has committed my time to making a living on the internet. I know what the internet is and isn’t. It is not a place for the uncommitted or the faint of heart. You need to create a quality product online or people will simply not be interested. You need to give people a reason to read and follow your content online. If you can’t do this you should turn off your computer and get a part time job at Burger King. Don’t waste your time because it’s one thing you can never get back. 

How Do I become the expert?

How do you become the expert in any profession? Study, study and more study. I am sorry you will never get around this. If you don’t  know how to build a website you will need to learn. Or you can pay someone a good chunk of money to do it for you. You can build a website in five minutes. It takes much time to install what I like to call its engine. These are the things that will help you get noticed in order to get traffic to your website. You want to make it purr like a kitten. You will need content, seo and interactions with people on the internet. When you want to learn to become a doctor you go to school for several years and hopefully you make it will graduate. You need to do the same thing if you are going to build a business online. But who can you trust. Some of the things you need to look for when trying to find somewhere to learn are:

  • Is sign up free
  • Do they have up sells is it a single price (are they going to charge you for extras)
  • Do they offer you a free website.
  • Do they discount their signup price

Also don’t trust reviews. People will tell you anything to sell their product. Do several search’s for them online and find out if they rank on the first page of the search. If they do they are doing something right. Try to search for unbiased reviews. A good indicator is when

Make Money Online

Make Money Online

you search on a term like make money online you will come up with following results. There are so many programs online you can spend all your time just searching. Take everything with a grain of salt. Trust your instincts. You will often find they are more reliable then you think.



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