How To Put Laser Focus In Your Life

Why Do We Lose So Much Time On The Internet

I recently asked a question about how to earn money free online to help  build my IM business. I wanted to find out how marketers spend laser_focusthere time working online because of the quantity of information that they deal with everyday. I have finally come to one conclusion. That if you don’t have Laser Focus you will never earn extra money online.You will only kick and struggle in your frustration. A friend of mine opened my eyes about not having Laser Focus in my business and gave me money making ideas that work. He told me if you don’t have Laser Focus in my business on line I will fail. I was a little shocked at this statement so I  looked at my spam folder. There were 2132 messages. I would never have the time nor the inclination to read them. Heaven made the spam folder to keep us pointed in the right direction so we have to to work on our online money making ideas.

Maintain Control

Now I control my emails with laser focus. My friend mentioned I should only open emails from my own affiliate progra. Great idea. But its like being a drug addict. You have an addiction to  emails. They make you feel important, or feel like your playing the lottery and in the back of your mind, “Maybe this is the one”. Maybe this is the push button bit of software that will take me to the best affiliate marketing programs on the internet. Then one day you have an epiphany and see working like this will get you no results.

I have followed my friends advice. I have said goodbye to all the big gurus. I went into my mail box and pulled the plug. I hit the unsubscribe button. (No more John Chow). The first night I was up all night going through withdrawal. I also estimated the time that I am saving. I used to go through my emails four times per day. I had five different IM programs sending me emails. Each program was sending me four emails a day. To log into my email takes me about two minutes (I am in Brasil. Slow internet here) Each email took me on average of two minute to open and read. I would look in the email to see if they had the answer. So total daily email usage is about one half hour a day. I can write a blog during that time.

Then I started using a diary.I write about the best money making ideas.  I write about them in my Idiary every day. Simply a great program. Everyday I enter my to do list for the day. I check them off as I finish them and if I don’t finish something I forward it to the next day and attempt to finish it that day. Another thing I do in the diary is to have a separate diary for my blogs. I write a blog on the day I am in. Then I set up the diary like a google internet search. I can search on all my blogs and keep track of which ones I have posted and which ones are next on the list to be posted. If you look at a picture of the diary here its a lot bigger in person. You can have unlimited diaries going at the same time.

 Top Nine Things You Can Do To Bring Focus Into Your Life

My Idiary

My Idiary

1. Start a diary. I like IDiary but there are many others on the internet for free.

2. Stop downloading every PDF you come across. When was the last time you read a whole PDF.

3. Decide on a plan of action. If your not going to  join a website affiliate programs online you need to make a plan for yourself and stick to it so you don’t get side tracked.

4. Take a look at your emails. If you are merely opening an email just because you are looking for a lottery ticket inside, unsubscribe. If you are receiving multiple IM offers either decide on one or get rid of all of them. Hit the unsubscribe button.

5. Stop downloading software looking for an easier way. You need to build the best affiliate website you can. Which includes adding a great deal of quality content.

6. Leave a portion of the day for merely cruising the internet. This will get some of the stiffness out of you neck. Go anywhere you want, and do anything you like. Maybe an hour or so. This is party time. Maybe see if you can find a website that is making money online for free.

7. Try to do the majority of your heavy lifting in the morning hours. Things like creating websites, writing blogs, and making videos. Leave the afternoon  or evening hours for correspondence. You are more productive in the morning then at night. Your brain just seems to process things quicker in the am.

8. If you can afford it try to delegate. There is a website called I am not an affiliate with fiverr but I use their services all the time. You can get anything done for five dollars. From getting traffic to writing blogs for you. Now you get what you pay for. I’m not saying the quality is not good by it is what it is.

9. If your going to do any download or uploads try to schedule them when your going to sleep. You need to sleep but sometimes you need to upload something. I leave my video uploads for when I am just going to sleep.

If you like this post let me know. Laser focus is what you need on an internet that swallows 90% of all the people who try to build a business here. You can do it but you just need to maintain Laser Focus or your are going to end up with the 90-95%..

Thanks for stopping by to look around and kick the tires. “Time is not short, Only life is”

If you could leave a comment below it would be greatly appreciated.

Always Free

Always Free


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