Where Can I Find an Internet Business to Make Money Online?

Can I Find an Internet Business to Make Money Online?

Paying for Product

Paying for Product

The universe and the internet. Where can we find an internet business that makes money? With over 2 billion internet users online today the potential to make money has never been greater. Websites go up faster then then a speeding bullet. The questions we need to ask ourselves is “What is the best internet business for us that makes money online?” Like so many before us we do what they did. Go to Google and look for that super duper, hot dog original, certified authenticated, no kidding, glory hallelujah, all American money making idea and we’re not going to give up until we find it.

Back to the Future


Fast forward six months. We’re sitting there watching TV and glancing over at that little box of silicone sitting harmlessly on our computer desk. You hear it whisper to us “Steve, build it and they will come” You shake your head and you hear it again. “Steveeee, build it and they will come.” Your watching Paranormal so you become a little concerned about your sanity. You jump up and decide to try One More Time. You find yourself again looking for that opportunity not realizing you have it at the tips of you fingers. You already know what the best internet business to make money online is. Its you and those little fingers of your. You just have to find the right buttons to push and the best keywords to find.

Even with your lack of experience you decide to make an online money making guide for your. You begin by making a list of all that you feel you need to make money online.

  1. how to make money online

    Money Making Guide

    Turn on the computer

  2. Log onto the internet
  3. go to google.com (are you still with me)
  4. Search for How can an idiot like myself find financial gratification on an over whelming opportunity such as the internet (Good EH?)

All kidding aside this is pretty much how it works. But the person that is trying find an opportunity like this is neither stupid nor incompetent. He is merely not educated. If you are not a surgeon would you dare to open someones skull to remove a brain tumor? Would you do open heart surgery? Or course not. You neither have the knowledge nor the opportunity to do so. So what makes you think you can build a business online. Granted your not doing open heart surgery but the same idea holds true. You don’t have the education to build a business online.

Affiliate Man to the Rescue!


As you are cruising the the internet you come across Affiliate Man. Able to build 10 websites in a single hour. Write 20 blogs a day and still have time to sell you his $47 build your business now in a box opportunity. Back to Google you go. You type, is this a scam. What comes back is completely confusing to you. As you look at your search results you realize these are people that are affiliates for this money in a box opportunity. Now what do I do? You finally do the smartest thing you have ever done in your life and add one more thing to your money making list.

5. Go to school about how to make money online.

But then you realize you don’t have the money to go to school. You call all your friends to ask for money. You call your mom. Oh mommy dearest can I borrow some money. No dice. Your at your wits end then out of the blue you find Affiliate Heaven. Where Stephen, and Bruce Castro are already doing this. They are here to help you learn about “How to make money on the internet”. But you still don’t have the money to build a business online. But they bring you on board for free. They give you a free website. The teach you how to build a free website of your own at Word Press and they show you how to use IBOtoolbox to promote your business. Wow, free, free, free, The only catch is you have to do the work. Nice, Eh! But they also remind you this is not an overnight business. It will take more time then a week. Just remember that  “Time is not short, only life is”.

Nice scenario, EH? Well its true. There is such a place and these people do exist. They are waiting for you to leave all the internet scams behind you. They know you are frustrated, feeling alone and don’t know what to do next. Take this free opportunity and run with it. I am not saying there is no work involved. There is. I’m not saying there will be days when you want to say f*&* this. What I am saying this is the best opportunity for you to find out what you are really made of. Are you a person that just talks about taking action or are you going to grab the bull by the horns. I would love to meet you. Really. I talk to about a 100 people everyday about The All Solutions Network and it never gets old. You are getting older by the minute and in a year when you look back at you decision not to become involved, your going to be one year older. Come join me, ITS REALLY FREE!

No matter what you decide I would still like to meet you. Just leave your email and I’ll be back in touch with you in no time. Good luck.

Always Free

Always Free


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